Spring Recap: Oh what a year so far…

El Paso, Tx

Oh what a year 2016 has been, with the UTEP basketball , Softball and Track coming to a close for the year and Graduation season (congrats Renee <3) and the Music Festivals starting to take Full swing.

Here are some images of  the 2016 Graduates that i had the honor to shoot with. Congrats  Evelyn , Stephanie, Renee and Gabriela! Cheers to the Future

Eve-3Eve-6Eve-11Eve-18Eve-48S Duran Grad-4S Duran Grad-19S Duran Grad-27S Duran Grad-48S Duran Grad-54Renee Inv 2Renee Monique-17Renee Monique-27Renee Monique-38Renee Monique-62GL Chapin-14GL Chapin-16GL Chapin-32GL Chapin-38GL Chapin-42


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