Fight Night at the Ballpark

Southwest University Park, El Paso Texas

Han pre-1Han pre-7Han pre-11Han pre-12Han pre-18Han pre-20Han pre-24Han pre-27Han pre-30Han pre-32Han pre-34Han pre-35Han pre-36Han pre-40Han pre-42Han pre-46Han pre-51Han pre-52Han pre-62Han pre-65Han pre-66Han pre-67Han pre-70Han pre-72Han pre-74Han pre-75Han pre-76Han pre-77Han pre-81Han pre-84Han pre-92Han pre-93Han pre-94Han pre-98Han pre-102Han pre-103Han pre-104Han pre-107Han pre-111Han pre-114Han pre-116Han pre-121Han pre-131Han pre-132Han pre-139Han pre-140Han pre-142Han pre-143Han pre-147Han pre-150Han pre-152Han pre-154Han pre-158Han pre-164Han-2Han-4Han-6Han-7Han-8Han-10Han-12Han-14Han-15Han-17Han-18Han-19Han-22Han-23Han-25


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