Spring Forward!

Its been a while since i posted , UTEP and High school sports has come to end, and Chihuahuas Baseball is in full swing.

here is a look at what you missed during my adventures


UTSA at UTEP SB-16UTSA at UTEP SB-28UTSA at UTEP SB-47UTSA at UTEP SB-59UTSA at UTEP SB-67UTSA at UTEP SB-70UTSA at UTEP SB-81UTSA at UTEP SB-110UTSA at UTEP SB-135UTSA at UTEP SB-163Tep Track-9Tep Track-17Tep Track-29Tep Track-34Tep Track-36Tep Track-42Tep Track-46Tep Track-62Tep Track-67Tep Track-79Tep Track-90Tep Track-103Tep Track-104blazers vs miners-11blazers vs miners-25blazers vs miners-31blazers vs miners-92blazers vs miners-171blazers vs miners-178blazers vs miners-201blazers vs miners-209blazers vs miners-211UNT at Utep-2UNT at Utep-22UNT at Utep-26UNT at Utep-27UNT at Utep-29UNT at Utep-31UNT at Utep-32UNT at Utep-33UNT at Utep-36UNT at Utep-38UNT at Utep-108UNT at Utep-163UNT at Utep-169UNT at Utep-170UNT at Utep-171UNT at Utep-172UNT at Utep-178UNT at Utep-179UNT at Utep-190UNT at Utep-192UNT at Utep-194UNT at Utep-195UNT at Utep-196


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