UTEP Lady Miners What a Ride!

Don Haskins Center, El Paso Texas

29-5 … very impressive run the Lady miners had this year. Even though its not how we wanted the final outcome to be , the 9,000 + in attendance would have loved for a few more games in the WNIT to claim that Championship.

What the women did this year is set the bar high for the future players of the Women’s basketball program. Going 19-1 at home, Claiming the Regular season Conference -USA championship and playing with a defensive swagger that can be seen at the Power conference level. Defensivly UTEP was just short of 400 steals on the season, finishing with an impressive 397. #1 Starr Breedlove accounted for 107 of those steals with #24 Jenzel Nash adding in 95. Utep’s ability to create turnovers gave opponents fits and was the game changer in many of UTEP’s 29 victories.

Idaho St vs Utep-15.jpg
UTEP Senior Camaesha Turner with the layup vs Idaho State

Utep’s #2 Camaesha Turner helped get the miners on a roll with her athletic playmaker ability. Chrishauna Parker was the soul of the team that helped fuel the fire within the lady miners to be strong and confident.

UTEP’s #24 Jenzel Nash is a ball hawk, swarming to the ball and putting up shots that only some can imagine. She would help swing the moment in a flash with here aggressive drives to the paint and smooth parameter game.

Utep’s #4 Lulu Mckinney control and sweet 3 point shooting proved to be a major key in UTEP’s ability to keep up with teams that love to shoot behind the arch.

Nash , Breedlove and Turner finished with CUSA honors showing that this West Texas team out in El Paso can play ball with anyone… if you forgot about the UTEP Men’s and Women’s basketball program just look it up, and see who else in the State of Texas has a NCAA Men’s Basketball Crown…


here is a look back at some of the highlights from the lady miners 2015-2016 season




UTSA vs UTEP W-7UTSA vs UTEP W-13UTSA vs UTEP W-14UTSA vs UTEP W-38UTSA vs UTEP W-42UTSA vs UTEP W-47UTSA vs UTEP W-52UAB vs UTEP W-7UAB vs UTEP W-11UAB vs UTEP W-12UAB vs UTEP W-23UAB vs UTEP W-32UAB vs UTEP W-104Latech at Utep-7Latech at Utep-18Latech at Utep-27Latech at Utep-30Latech at Utep-44Latech at Utep-53Latech at Utep-59Latech at Utep-76Hampton at Utep-2Hampton at Utep-5Hampton at Utep-8Hampton at Utep-11Hampton at Utep-15Hampton at Utep-36FAU vs UTEP W-18FAU vs UTEP W-31FAU vs UTEP W-34FAU vs UTEP W-3649ers at UTEP-249ers at UTEP-749ers at UTEP-849ers at UTEP-1249ers at UTEP-2049ers at UTEP-2349ers at UTEP-3249ers at UTEP-3549ers at UTEP-4449ers at UTEP-4649ers at UTEP-5049ers at UTEP-5249ers at UTEP-7449ers at UTEP-9249ers at UTEP-16049ers at UTEP-17449ers at UTEP-199TCU v Utep-6TCU v Utep-9TCU v Utep-11TCU v Utep-15TCU v Utep-19TCU v Utep-23TCU v Utep-54TCU v Utep-57Nit utep -7Nit utep -21Nit utep -24Nit utep -26Nit utep -41Nit utep -67Nit utep -70Ducks vs Miners-3Ducks vs Miners-5Ducks vs Miners-11Ducks vs Miners-13Ducks vs Miners-15Ducks vs Miners-29Ducks vs Miners-32Ducks vs Miners-38Ducks vs Miners-39Ducks vs Miners-76Ducks vs Miners-78Ducks vs Miners-79Ducks vs Miners-83Ducks vs Miners-84Ducks vs Miners-106Ducks vs Miners-134Ducks vs Miners-159Ducks vs Miners-165Ducks vs Miners-167Ducks vs Miners-169Ducks vs Miners-170Ducks vs Miners-171


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