Armor Get the Victory over Desert Dogs

Horizon City, Texas

The Alamogordo Desert Dogs entered  Emperor Stadium Saturday evening looking to keep the El Paso Armor Win-less for the first half of the 2016 RGFL season.

The Armor running game came to life as the Armor picked up the Victory  with a final score of 21-14

Alamo V Armor-6Alamo V Armor-7Alamo V Armor-9Alamo V Armor-10Alamo V Armor-17Alamo V Armor-19Alamo V Armor-20Alamo V Armor-22Alamo V Armor-25Alamo V Armor-28Alamo V Armor-30Alamo V Armor-32Alamo V Armor-33Alamo V Armor-34Alamo V Armor-37Alamo V Armor-38Alamo V Armor-39Alamo V Armor-45Alamo V Armor-46Alamo V Armor-47Alamo V Armor-50Alamo V Armor-52Alamo V Armor-55Alamo V Armor-56Alamo V Armor-57Alamo V Armor-59Alamo V Armor-62Alamo V Armor-63Alamo V Armor-64Alamo V Armor-65Alamo V Armor-68Alamo V Armor-76Alamo V Armor-88Alamo V Armor-90Alamo V Armor-91Alamo V Armor-95Alamo V Armor-96


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