Rugby Time!- Scorps vs Miners


Sun Bowl , El Paso Texas

This past Saturday it was Rugby Day at the Sun bowl where the Newly formed UTEP Miners Rugby Club  where they took on the Legendary El Paso Scorpions Rugby club. For those of you who do not know, the Scorpions have been in existence since 1972 so Rugby is not a new sport in the Sun City.

And I must say, if you are a football fan I gotta recommend that you go out and check out a game! Hard hitting, fast paced and plenty of action!

Here is a Recap of the contest from the official Scorpions Facebook page El Paso Scorpions Rugby Club  also with the images that i took of the event.



“… Your scorpions then took to the field yesterday to face off against a young, hungry UTEP squad in a friendly “big brother vs little brother” exhibition match. UTEP fought all 80 min making your scorpions earn every point, but experience showed and your scorpions walk away with a commanding win. Now your scorpions rest up for Easter next weekend and then prepare to play a hard hitting fort bliss squad. Stay tuned and remember rugby matches are free to watch, so come and show support!! Field and time Will be posted soon. FEEL THE STING!” – El Paso Scorpions Rugby Club

Scorps V Miners-95.jpg

Scorps V Miners-4Scorps V Miners-8Scorps V Miners-11Scorps V Miners-13Scorps V Miners-21Scorps V Miners-22Scorps V Miners-28Scorps V Miners-29Scorps V Miners-33Scorps V Miners-38Scorps V Miners-48Scorps V Miners-49Scorps V Miners-53Scorps V Miners-55Scorps V Miners-56Scorps V Miners-57Scorps V Miners-63Scorps V Miners-66Scorps V Miners-67Scorps V Miners-69Scorps V Miners-71Scorps V Miners-75Scorps V Miners-78Scorps V Miners-81Scorps V Miners-87Scorps V Miners-89Scorps V Miners-90Scorps V Miners-91


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