Reapers Capitalize over Armor mistakes and get the victory 9-0

Horizon City, Texas

In one of the first of the many tough battle in the Rio Grande Football League season, the Sun City Reapers headed out to Emperor Stadium in Horizon City to battle its arch rival the El Paso Armor.

There is a lot of history between these two franchises, a lot of hard hitting, trash talking and good ol’ fashion hard nose football. In these types of games you must play til the very and and never take a play off especially  extra points or special teams, because it might come back and bite you in the a… lol

Just this past season in the Conference Title game the reapers were holding on to a Two Touchdown lead in the 4th quarter when the Armor stormed back to Tie the Game with a touchdown to Mando Harris #2 with time expiring in regulation. so with the 2 point conversion try the Armor go with a QB bootleg and flings it to the side of the endzone where the Reaper defender swoops in for the interception and runs it back for a 99 yard 2 point conversion to win the game and send the reapers to the  League Championship.

So in its first meeting of the season the Armor  came out in there new all black uniforms and Photo Mar 05, 6 59 59 AMPhoto Mar 05, 6 51 33 AMthe Reapers come out in their new Silver Shiny helmets and silver  and blue uniforms.

Both teams had slow starts with the Armor running back being met in the back field early on.

One big mistake for the Armor came on a Punt attempt where the ball was snapped over the punters head and went into the endzone for a Safety which put the Reapers up 2-0 early in the first quarter.

Both defenses were tough all game long, but it was a drive in the 2nd quarter with the Reapers running back #3 K. Sheppard finally finding a a gap in between the right guard and tackle to take it in to the endzone for the games only Touchdown.

The Armor would have some good series and then stall when getting near the endzone. The reapers defense was able to keep the Armor off the score board for the game.


Next up for the Armor, they head to Las Cruces to take on the Defending League Champions, the Kings.


here is a some images from the game.


  • Ace Photo Mar 05, 6 52 04 AMPhoto Mar 05, 6 56 39 AMPhoto Mar 05, 6 56 53 AMPhoto Mar 05, 6 59 26 AMPhoto Mar 05, 6 59 41 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 04 35 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 10 28 AM (1)Photo Mar 05, 7 10 28 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 13 40 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 19 37 AM (1)Photo Mar 05, 7 19 38 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 21 09 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 21 56 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 36 52 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 49 56 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 49 58 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 55 32 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 01 26 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 01 49 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 09 06 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 09 10 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 12 59 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 19 43 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 20 49 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 25 22 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 56 27 AM (1)Photo Mar 05, 8 58 49 AM

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