UTEP Lady Miners What a Ride!

Don Haskins Center, El Paso Texas

29-5 … very impressive run the Lady miners had this year. Even though its not how we wanted the final outcome to be , the 9,000 + in attendance would have loved for a few more games in the WNIT to claim that Championship.

What the women did this year is set the bar high for the future players of the Women’s basketball program. Going 19-1 at home, Claiming the Regular season Conference -USA championship and playing with a defensive swagger that can be seen at the Power conference level. Defensivly UTEP was just short of 400 steals on the season, finishing with an impressive 397. #1 Starr Breedlove accounted for 107 of those steals with #24 Jenzel Nash adding in 95. Utep’s ability to create turnovers gave opponents fits and was the game changer in many of UTEP’s 29 victories.

Idaho St vs Utep-15.jpg
UTEP Senior Camaesha Turner with the layup vs Idaho State

Utep’s #2 Camaesha Turner helped get the miners on a roll with her athletic playmaker ability. Chrishauna Parker was the soul of the team that helped fuel the fire within the lady miners to be strong and confident.

UTEP’s #24 Jenzel Nash is a ball hawk, swarming to the ball and putting up shots that only some can imagine. She would help swing the moment in a flash with here aggressive drives to the paint and smooth parameter game.

Utep’s #4 Lulu Mckinney control and sweet 3 point shooting proved to be a major key in UTEP’s ability to keep up with teams that love to shoot behind the arch.

Nash , Breedlove and Turner finished with CUSA honors showing that this West Texas team out in El Paso can play ball with anyone… if you forgot about the UTEP Men’s and Women’s basketball program just look it up, and see who else in the State of Texas has a NCAA Men’s Basketball Crown…


here is a look back at some of the highlights from the lady miners 2015-2016 season




UTSA vs UTEP W-7UTSA vs UTEP W-13UTSA vs UTEP W-14UTSA vs UTEP W-38UTSA vs UTEP W-42UTSA vs UTEP W-47UTSA vs UTEP W-52UAB vs UTEP W-7UAB vs UTEP W-11UAB vs UTEP W-12UAB vs UTEP W-23UAB vs UTEP W-32UAB vs UTEP W-104Latech at Utep-7Latech at Utep-18Latech at Utep-27Latech at Utep-30Latech at Utep-44Latech at Utep-53Latech at Utep-59Latech at Utep-76Hampton at Utep-2Hampton at Utep-5Hampton at Utep-8Hampton at Utep-11Hampton at Utep-15Hampton at Utep-36FAU vs UTEP W-18FAU vs UTEP W-31FAU vs UTEP W-34FAU vs UTEP W-3649ers at UTEP-249ers at UTEP-749ers at UTEP-849ers at UTEP-1249ers at UTEP-2049ers at UTEP-2349ers at UTEP-3249ers at UTEP-3549ers at UTEP-4449ers at UTEP-4649ers at UTEP-5049ers at UTEP-5249ers at UTEP-7449ers at UTEP-9249ers at UTEP-16049ers at UTEP-17449ers at UTEP-199TCU v Utep-6TCU v Utep-9TCU v Utep-11TCU v Utep-15TCU v Utep-19TCU v Utep-23TCU v Utep-54TCU v Utep-57Nit utep -7Nit utep -21Nit utep -24Nit utep -26Nit utep -41Nit utep -67Nit utep -70Ducks vs Miners-3Ducks vs Miners-5Ducks vs Miners-11Ducks vs Miners-13Ducks vs Miners-15Ducks vs Miners-29Ducks vs Miners-32Ducks vs Miners-38Ducks vs Miners-39Ducks vs Miners-76Ducks vs Miners-78Ducks vs Miners-79Ducks vs Miners-83Ducks vs Miners-84Ducks vs Miners-106Ducks vs Miners-134Ducks vs Miners-159Ducks vs Miners-165Ducks vs Miners-167Ducks vs Miners-169Ducks vs Miners-170Ducks vs Miners-171


UTEP Track: Let the Games Begin!

Kidd Field , El Paso Texas

UTEP Outdoor track season has Begun!

The UTEP Springtime invitational kicked off this Saturday which featured schools like NMSU, UNM, NMHU, Northern Illinois, Central Arizona and More!

Here are the highlights from the Event Picks UP!


tep track-1tep track-2

Utep Track -78Utep Track -2Utep Track -11Utep Track -17Utep Track -22Utep Track -23Utep Track -24Utep Track -26Utep Track -27Utep Track -29Utep Track -30Utep Track -31Utep Track -32Utep Track -33Utep Track -35Utep Track -44Utep Track -49Utep Track -50Utep Track -51Utep Track -55Utep Track -70Utep Track -72Utep Track -73Utep Track -77tep track-3tep track-4tep track-5tep track-6tep track-7tep track-8tep track-11tep track-12tep track-13tep track-14tep track-15tep track-16tep track-17tep track-18tep track-19tep track-20tep track-21tep track-22tep track-23tep track-24tep track-25tep track-26tep track-27tep track-28tep track-29tep track-31tep track-32tep track-34tep track-35tep track-36tep track-37tep track-38

tep track-39tep track-40tep track-41tep track-42tep track-43tep track-44tep track-45tep track-46tep track-47tep track-48tep track-49tep track-50tep track-51tep track-52tep track-53tep track-54tep track-56tep track-57tep track-58tep track-59tep track-60tep track-61tep track-62tep track-63tep track-64

Lady Miners Fight off Arkansas State, Advance to Sweet 16 of the Women’s NIT 

El Paso Texas, 

The lady miners looked to continue their journey to a Women’s NIT championship this Monday when they faced off with the Red Wolves of Arkansas State. This proved to be one of UTEPs toughest battles of the season as the miners quickly took a commanding lead. The Arkansas State battled back in the second half by hitting some shots behind the arch to cut the deficit to 3 with a couple minutes to go. The Miner Nation came alive in the closing minutes to help provide the spark as UTEP pressed the Red wolves and forcing key turnovers to swing the score back in their favor! UTEP was much better this round at the free throw line which provided much need gap as Arkansas State battled  back. UTEP Jenzel Nash came up with a key steal on Arkansas State Aundrea Gamble late in the fourth quarter to help seal the victory for the lady miners! 

Next up for the Lady Miners a Sweet 16 matchup with the Lady Horned Frogs of TCU of the BIG XII conference. Game time is slated for Thursday March 24 at 7:05pm at The Don Haskins Center 🏀⛏

It’s Time for the Raza to come out and show some support for our Lady Miners #PicksUp⛏

Here are some highlights from the game ! 



Rugby Time!- Scorps vs Miners


Sun Bowl , El Paso Texas

This past Saturday it was Rugby Day at the Sun bowl where the Newly formed UTEP Miners Rugby Club  where they took on the Legendary El Paso Scorpions Rugby club. For those of you who do not know, the Scorpions have been in existence since 1972 so Rugby is not a new sport in the Sun City.

And I must say, if you are a football fan I gotta recommend that you go out and check out a game! Hard hitting, fast paced and plenty of action!

Here is a Recap of the contest from the official Scorpions Facebook page El Paso Scorpions Rugby Club  also with the images that i took of the event.



“… Your scorpions then took to the field yesterday to face off against a young, hungry UTEP squad in a friendly “big brother vs little brother” exhibition match. UTEP fought all 80 min making your scorpions earn every point, but experience showed and your scorpions walk away with a commanding win. Now your scorpions rest up for Easter next weekend and then prepare to play a hard hitting fort bliss squad. Stay tuned and remember rugby matches are free to watch, so come and show support!! Field and time Will be posted soon. FEEL THE STING!” – El Paso Scorpions Rugby Club

Scorps V Miners-95.jpg

Scorps V Miners-4Scorps V Miners-8Scorps V Miners-11Scorps V Miners-13Scorps V Miners-21Scorps V Miners-22Scorps V Miners-28Scorps V Miners-29Scorps V Miners-33Scorps V Miners-38Scorps V Miners-48Scorps V Miners-49Scorps V Miners-53Scorps V Miners-55Scorps V Miners-56Scorps V Miners-57Scorps V Miners-63Scorps V Miners-66Scorps V Miners-67Scorps V Miners-69Scorps V Miners-71Scorps V Miners-75Scorps V Miners-78Scorps V Miners-81Scorps V Miners-87Scorps V Miners-89Scorps V Miners-90Scorps V Miners-91

Arlette ❤️

El Paso, TX
Since it’s the first day of spring what better way to start the season with a fresh new shoot! I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Laura and her brand new addition to the family a Chevy Camaro RS. 
We shot in the historic Manhattan Heights district at Memorial Park and they restored Fuel station on the Corner of Elm and Grant!
It’s always a blast when I get to shoot with Laura, here is a sneak peak of her set of images!


Women’s NIT TIME!!

El Paso, Tx

Its that wonderful time of the Year again… March Madness!

I was lucky enough to get to see this years Women’s National Invitational Tournament Game between the Wildcats of Abilene Christian University and the Lady Miners of Texas at El Paso. Both teams entered Thursday nights contest with 26 wins for the season, it proved to be a Battle and the Lady Miners pulled of the victory 66-62Nit-utep-12-768x512Nit-utep-19-768x512Nit-utep-21-768x512Nit-utep-24-768x512Nit-utep-25-300x200Nit-utep-67-768x512Nit-utep-69-300x200

Socorro Wall of Honor

Socorro, Tx
There are many things that can be said about my City , Socorro aka SocoLoco, one thing that no one can deny is the tradition of Baseball excellence that the Socorro baseball program has established. A year or so I was chatting with Current Socorro baseball Head Coach Joe Alvarez about the state of the program and where they want to be. One thing that we kept talking about is the “Tradtion or Foundation ” of Socorro Baseball. For those of you who don’t know here is a quick snapshot of Socorro Baseball. Socorro High is only one of two schools to ever capture the Crown and earn the Title of Texas High school Baseball State Champions. Which is no easy feat by any means, Texas being the 2nd largest state in the country proves that you gotta work your way through a lot of teams and talent to win that championship. In total the Socorro baseball program Holds 52 championships (which includes: District/ biDistrict/Area/ Regionals and the State Title)
Getting back to my conversation with coach, one thing we felt is this current generation doesn’t  fully understand the history and greatness that is feels to be part of this program. This is the first major stepping stone to your athletic career and personal growth as a young man. You can compare it on a scale (not as large but still holds great power) on what it feels to play for a organization like the Yankees , Red Soxs. Programs that are enriched with history and have set then foundation and Bar for success. To feel the power of Lacing  up your cleats , button up that Scarlet Red Jersey and wear that bold “S” on your cap, you not only represent your family, you represent , play for the City of Socorro. For all the Tio’s and Primo’s that have came before you and the ones that are to follow. The worst thing that any young Socorro athlete could do is Not channel in that energy and use that to fuel the fire that burns inside of you to be the best. 

See we needed to help provide a spark, what better way to showcase and bring it to the forefront and start a new tradition, ” The Socorro Wall of Honor” 

Leading up to the Wall of Honor ceremony, I had the honor to photograph Two of the program’s greatest figures, Texas Hall of Fame Coach Chris Forbes and Major Leaguer Omar Quintanilla. So before the photo shoot got under way coach Forbes and I chatted about the history of the program and what are some of his greatest moments. One of his greatest moments was from the early years, ” to all the players from the beginning years of the program that put in the long hours and hard work to set the tone and build the foundation. We slept, ate and breathe Socorro Baseball, 24/7. If you take a look at the generations of families that have played for this program, the Rodriguez’s, the Pueblas, the Gomez’s, Hernandez’s and Estrada’s to name a few.” 

 He goes on to mention the 98′ team those was so close to advancing to the champions rounds. And then there was the 2009 Championship team, he mentions, the desire and will to win was incredible. To overcome the many obstacles that go with a state title run plus in the manner that they did it. 

Here a little history about Coach:
About Head Coach Chris Forbes #4, El Paso native was named Head coach at Socorro high school in 1986 coached nearly 40 years including youth and summer leagues. During his career he has lead Socorro to 16 district titles, 19 Bi- District Titles, Nine Area Championships, Six Regional Quarter Final Championships, Four Regional Semi-Final Championships, One Regional Final Championship and One State Championship.

In 2009, Forbes Coached Socorro High school to its first ever Class 5A State Championship. Has earned Eight El Paso High School Coach of the Year Awards and 2009 named Texas High School State “Coach of the Year” for the 5A classification. Coach Forbes has been inducted into the Texas High School Coaches Baseball Hall of Fame ’13, and both the El Paso Athletic and Baseball Hall of Fame’s.

Under Forbes, seventeen of his players have been named to Texas High School All State Teams, eighteen of his players have played professionally.

Coach Forbes is the All Time El Paso High School leader in wins as a Head Coach with 577 wins.

And then there was “Q” 

I had the honor to watch some of Omar’s games during my freshman and Sophomore year at Socorro high, and the one thing that impressed me the most was his work ethic and dedication to game of baseball. During summer football works in the morning you would always find Q in the weight room getting his workout in. Always sticking to his routine, sometimes he was joined by other baseball players, sometime not, but that never stopped him from putting in the the work. After his work out you can find Q in the batting cages and then in the infield taking grounders and trying to perfect his game. We read  and Hear about master your craft from professional athletes , and when you have the opportunity to witness it first hand  at that age you just know he is on track to great things.  One of the memories  of Q that coach Forbes shares is about a playoff series at which the opponent walked Q six times and one of those times the bases were loaded, “that shows you how much respect they had for him as hitter”, says Coach Forbes.

Omar Quintanilla #24 Four- Time District and Bi-District champion, also led the City of El Paso in Home Runs and RBI’s. He would not only lit you up as a hitter, but his gloves Skills were 2nd to none. He would make plays that some can only dream of. Omar was Named the All–City Most Valuable Player and was also selected to the Texas High School All-State Team.  

All that play wouldn’t go unnoticed, Q was awarded with a full Scholarship to play baseball for the Longhorns at the University of Texas at Austin. All the hard work and dedication to the game continued to pay dividends where he was named the Big XII conference Freshman Player of the Year, dispite suffering a season ending injury in the latter part of the season where he was involved in a collision where he suffered a eye socket injury. Q underwent surgery to repair his injury and returned in time for his sophomore season and in his junior year, he helped lead Texas to their Fifth Nationial Championship with  a victory over  South Carolina in the 2002  NCAA College World Series. Omar was named 2002 All College World Series Team.

Professionally, Quintanilla was drafted in the first round (33rd overall) by the Oakland Athletics in the 2003 Major League Baseball Draft. Quintanilla made his Major League debut in 2005 for the Colorado Rockies and was part of the Rockies National League Championship in 2007 team that mounted a rally in the last month of the 2007 regular season, winning 21 of their final 22 games, and reached the 2007 World Series. Omar also played with the 2011 Texas Rangers and won an American League Championship. Other teams that Quintanilla has played for are the New York Mets and the Baltimore Orioles
Omar has had some very special moments in his baseball career from hitting his first Major League Home run at the historic Wrigley Field against Pitcher Ryan Dempster of the Chicago Cubs. 

A Walk off Home Run in the Bottom of the 12 inning vs the Cincinnati Reds.

Home run off of New York Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes at the Brand new “Yankee Stadium”

And a Home Run off of Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett at Camden Yards in Baltimore.

Omar has always been a down to earth kind of guy, does his offseason training here in the Sun City and signing autographs and representing Socorro baseball where ever he goes.  

 Like I stated before, the foundation of Socorro Baseball runs deep… 

And on February 20 it was finally etched in stone ( or at least on the outfield wall at Chris Forbes Field) the numbers of Coach Forbes and Omar Quintanilla will hang proudly. 

 I hope this adds fuel to the fire that burns inside the current Socorro Baseball players. Remember you represent us, play your best and wear the ” S ” proudly ! This is for the Raza! 

Here are some behind the scenes shots and highlights of the ceremony  enjoy!


Reapers Capitalize over Armor mistakes and get the victory 9-0

Horizon City, Texas

In one of the first of the many tough battle in the Rio Grande Football League season, the Sun City Reapers headed out to Emperor Stadium in Horizon City to battle its arch rival the El Paso Armor.

There is a lot of history between these two franchises, a lot of hard hitting, trash talking and good ol’ fashion hard nose football. In these types of games you must play til the very and and never take a play off especially  extra points or special teams, because it might come back and bite you in the a… lol

Just this past season in the Conference Title game the reapers were holding on to a Two Touchdown lead in the 4th quarter when the Armor stormed back to Tie the Game with a touchdown to Mando Harris #2 with time expiring in regulation. so with the 2 point conversion try the Armor go with a QB bootleg and flings it to the side of the endzone where the Reaper defender swoops in for the interception and runs it back for a 99 yard 2 point conversion to win the game and send the reapers to the  League Championship.

So in its first meeting of the season the Armor  came out in there new all black uniforms and Photo Mar 05, 6 59 59 AMPhoto Mar 05, 6 51 33 AMthe Reapers come out in their new Silver Shiny helmets and silver  and blue uniforms.

Both teams had slow starts with the Armor running back being met in the back field early on.

One big mistake for the Armor came on a Punt attempt where the ball was snapped over the punters head and went into the endzone for a Safety which put the Reapers up 2-0 early in the first quarter.

Both defenses were tough all game long, but it was a drive in the 2nd quarter with the Reapers running back #3 K. Sheppard finally finding a a gap in between the right guard and tackle to take it in to the endzone for the games only Touchdown.

The Armor would have some good series and then stall when getting near the endzone. The reapers defense was able to keep the Armor off the score board for the game.


Next up for the Armor, they head to Las Cruces to take on the Defending League Champions, the Kings.


here is a some images from the game.


  • Ace Photo Mar 05, 6 52 04 AMPhoto Mar 05, 6 56 39 AMPhoto Mar 05, 6 56 53 AMPhoto Mar 05, 6 59 26 AMPhoto Mar 05, 6 59 41 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 04 35 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 10 28 AM (1)Photo Mar 05, 7 10 28 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 13 40 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 19 37 AM (1)Photo Mar 05, 7 19 38 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 21 09 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 21 56 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 36 52 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 49 56 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 49 58 AMPhoto Mar 05, 7 55 32 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 01 26 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 01 49 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 09 06 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 09 10 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 12 59 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 19 43 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 20 49 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 25 22 AMPhoto Mar 05, 8 56 27 AM (1)Photo Mar 05, 8 58 49 AM