Legendz Photo Shoot

The saying is ” Legendz Never Die” … and this is a very powerful statement… we see it being used a lot in the Sports industry,  Music industry and Movie Industry. The motivation to become a legend lies inside of you. The determination to be great at what you do  does not have to involve sports or entertainment, it applies to the real life day to day grind to become great. Being the best is a personal goal and battle that everyone lives with everyday and in turn when you start the achieve success it tastes that my sweeter.

i recently teamed up with the El Paso based Clothing company Legendz Sports Gear for a photo shoot of some other their Legendz brand athletes.

here is a look at some of the shots!

If you would like to purchase some Athletic apparel be sure to click on there links to be directed to their page. 

facebook page

Instagram- Legendz1tm



Anell B-1LZ53a-1LZ 29aa-1

LZ-92a.jpglz19a-1LZ 69A-1LZ 47A-1LZ 71AA-1lz 97a-1lz 15aa-1


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