UTEP Miner Hoops “Picks UP!”

The Miners hosted the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley on Tuesday night at the Haskins center. the game was somewhat close in the first half with the Vaqueros dropping three pointers like there was no tomorrow. 

Utep finally made the right adjustments and Omega Harris started to turn up the heat. 

Utep’s Omega Harris #2 driving to the lane vs UT Rio Grande Valley

Utep caught rhythm and began hitting some Three pointers of their own.

The miners gained control late in the first half and never looked back.

The miners are starting to show some speed with the addition of Harris back in the line up. The only thing that is still missing for the Miners is a Big Guy to head up the Post position. Hopper Vent is still more of a shooter than he is a Post player, and UTEP has struggled defensively in the Post and getting out rebounded.

UTEP will kick off the 2016 year and  enter C-USA Conference play with the Rice Owls entering the Haskins Center Friday Night Jan 1st. 


Utep Brodrick Jones #3



UTEP Lee Moore #4




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